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NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
At the Earth's Core3HamsterDavid Innes and Abner Perry accidentally dig their way to an underground world run by mind controllers called Mahar and help free the residents from their tyranical masters.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Babysitter's Seduction3HamsterA High School senior gets framed for murder by the father of the kids she babysits for.
Bad Channels1---A giant fungal alien takes over a radio station and starts to shrink the local whores, collecting them into little bottles. Oh and it has Martha Quinn.
Beast Within, The2HamsterCannibalism, giant bug creatures, monster rape, and a cute blonde. Sounds cool huh? Read on bub!
Beyond, The4---Motel Hell is open for business and an unsuccessful fashion designer is calling the shots. That is until the dead start rising from their graves.
Biohazard1 1/2---Midget alien terrorizes small southwestern town while pursued by buxom bimbo.
Black Roses3HamsterDemons lead a rock invasion on Earth but can they make it past Matt the high school poetry teacher?

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Clash of the Titans3---Greek Mythology as seen by Ray Harryhausen
The Creeps1HamsterMunchkin monsters seek lesbian librarian for sacrifice and friendly fondeling. Could it get any stupider? Yup!
Curse of the Screaming Dead0HamsterA group of feckin' eedjits, while out camping, steal a diary from a confederate grave site. The southern zombies rise from their graves and begin killing and eating until they get back what's rightfully theirs. Watch out, the south is rising again.
CyberZone3Pupet_GurlPleasure droids, boobs, and assassins oh my! The future looks pretty lame, but sexy, in this sci-fi flick.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Dark, The2HamsterA giant prehistoric Rat Creature is living under the graveyard and eating the recently dead. One man is hunting it for revenge, the other for medicine. Which will find it first?
Darkwolf1/2---The savior of the werewolf world must reproduce or forever live life as a cheap animated blob.
Dawn of the Dead '043 1/2---This is the 2004 remake of George Romero's classic and staple in Zombie culture. Not too bad but certain things were missing.
Darkwolf1/2---The savior of the werewolf world must reproduce or forever live life as a cheap animated blob.
Death by Dialogue1HamsterThe evil spirit of a news reporter, killed by a South American tribe, now dwells within a manuscript and kills indiscriminantly.
Demon Keeper2 ---I wonder if this is where John Edward got his idea. Fake medium swindles people out of their money but summons real demon. Film at 11.
Devonsville Terror, The2HamsterReincarnated witches are terrorized by inbred hicks. Also demonstrates good reasons why not to buy a pot bellied pig!
Dr. Mordrid5HamsterTwo sorcerers battle it out in a museum using giant animated prehistoric skeletons for the fate of Earth.
Dungeonmaster, The2---Paul and his girlfriend Gwen are kidnapped by Satan and forced to play his game for their souls. Seven challenges and Paul can not lose one!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Elves3HamsterNazis once again try to create the master race only this time through incest and a genetically engineered elven super soldier.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Fantastic Four2---4 passengers on a mission to harness energy from a comet get bombarded with gamma rays causing them to become superheros.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Ghoulies2---Little green demons are summoned to serve, cause trouble, and annoy the viewer! Mission accomplished!
Ghoulies 22---This time the little the demon puppets are terrorizing a carnival for the mentally challenged.
Ghoulies 32---I know it will be hard to believe, but this time, they go to college. Think Animal House meets Hellraiser 4.
Ghoulies 42---I can't believe it went this far! When will this series end??? This time they are sort of the good guys and Jonathan is back!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
coming soon33Coming Soon!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
I, Zombie2HamsterMark is biten by a decaying woman while out studying fungus in the wilds of England. Now he too is decaying. This a "Chronical" of Marks pain.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Jack-O1YesA pumpkin headed demon comes back from the grave to kill the ancestor of the man who banished him a century ago.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Killah Priest aka Shaolin Monk2HamsterA Buddahist monk comes to town searching for Chi Yeun to train him in the animal forms of Shaolin so that he may defeat the evil Taoist priest Sao Tin Hu. Buddah bless you!
Knight Chills3--- John commits suicide after being shunned by his D&D peers only to return to exact revenge, steal a child, and protect the woman he loves.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Leprechaun in the Hood1HamsterOur friendly little Leprechaun fellow is back and this time he's not fooling anyone. He's a rap producer with zombie fly girls from the ghetto and he wants his golden flute back!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
coming soon33Coming Soon!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Night of Bloody Horror0HamsterMajor Dad seems to be a seriel killer on the rampage in this 60's flick of horrid proportions!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
The Oracle1---Jennifer finds a writing instrument used by mediums to speak with the dead and it immediately plunges her into a world of murder, lies, and unspeakable evil.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
People Under the Stairs2HamsterDexter, after being served with a notice for eviction, goes on a crime spree to save his family. One of these leads him to a creepy house inhabited by an incestuous couple keeping cannibals as pets.
People Will Talk4---Cary Grant stars as Dr. Noah Praetorius. Noah is hiding a deep dark secret though. Once one professor starts digging, will Noah be able to keep it hidden? Pregnancy, suicide, and malpractice abound.
Prehistoric Women1---Prehistoric babes kidnap, enslave, sexual abuse, and marry a tribe of men. How much torture can these guys endure?
Punisher, The2 1/2---Frank Castle witnesses his families murder and vows to avenge their deaths by becoming a vigilante and stoping all crime.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Q; The Winged Serpent1HamsterA giant flying serpent God now takes up residence in New York. Who is sacrificing humans to keep this thing here and why does Michael Moriarty act in everything?

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
A Return to Salem's Lot1HamsterJoe returns to Salem's Lot, knocks up a dead chick, and is forced to write a bible for the towns vampire leaders, or his son will join their ranks forever.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Smoking Ninja3---A short "comedy" about a white man ninja with an overactive imagination who gets his powers from smoking.
Surge, The2---High school teenagers find secret rocks that given them super powers. Sort of a teenage Fantastic suck ... er ... Four.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Terror, The2 1/2---French soldier, Andre Duvalier, loses his regiment, meets a ghost, commits many felonies like breaking and entering, stalking, and verbal assault all before watching a woman's face melt.
Terror of MechaGodzilla2---Godzilla battles his best enemy ever, in my humble opinion. MechaGodzilla. Even the Big G can have a robo-love-doll!
Thir13en Ghosts1---The family reunion is a blast when bad uncle Cyrus needs his nephew to commit suicide, completeing his dark zodiac, and allowing him infinite knowledge. All this and a naked hot chick ghost.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
coming soon33Coming Soon!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Velvet Vampire2---A vampire slut invites a swinger couple to her desert home in the hopes of wooing the hot babe into her bed. LOTS OF BOOBS GUYS!!!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Witchouse (Rated)1HamsterElizabeth, the creepy kid in school, is hiding a secret. Lilith her ancestor is now back from the dead and seeking revenge on the decendants of those who burned her at the stake.

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
coming soon33Coming Soon!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
coming soon33Coming Soon!

NameNeo's RatingGuest Reviewer?Synopsis
Zombie Nightmare2HamsterTony is played by a guy named Thor, who is run over while leaving a grocery store. His mother, seeking revenge, has him reanimated by a VooDoo Priestess who also uses the zombie Tony for a little revenge of her own.
Zombie 4: After Death2 1/2 --- While looking for a lost colony, 3 explorers open a gate to hell. Now a vacationing group of mercs must help stop the living dead.

Rating Scale
- Good film! Highly recommended for Viewing. Hell, bring it to your next wedding!
- An Ok film. Seen better but still worthy of a rental!
- When in a pinch I guess this film will do. But be sure to promtly flush after viewing!
- You may want to rent something else. Perhaps something a little more worthy. Say Gone with the Wind 2 or a video compilation of Thunder in Paradise.
- STAY AWAY! This film should have been burned and the makers shot like rabid blood-llamas.
- Ok, DUH! Any film with this rating is obviously somewhere between.
- In the immortal words of Comic Book Guy, Worst film ever! More than 1 of these a day could cause severe trauma and loss of certain mental faculties. We do not give "bombs" lightly! These are reserved for films with absolutely no redeeming factors, AT ALL! Hamster still bangs his head against the wall and screams like a little sissy girl when ever Howling: New Moon Rising is mentioned