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"Worst website ever!" - Comic Book Guy

Todays update includes...
Wow. 5 Years since I have come to this website. Far too long. Some basic info as to why it has been so long ...
First, that crap Video Game job I mentioned all those years ago, I am now a higher up manager and it is still going strong. It has connected me to some amazing people and some great networking partners. I will hopefully be using them to help expand this website.
I do have some somber news though. I mentioned how I hadn't heard from "Hamster" in quite some time and had requested information to where he was and how he was doing. Unfortunately Hamster lost a battle with some of his inner demons and is now in a much better place. Hopefully at peace. My only regret is that I didn't get to tell this friend that he was loved and had so much to live for.
Now on to some better news, I WILL be re-opening the site at some point. I am looking for a new hosting site with less popups and things of the like which are annoying to my potential followers. I am also looking to do some "podcast" style reviews. If anyone has any information on this or some help, please get in touch with me by emailing me at
I will also be adding a new section thanks to my many years now dealing with video games, where I will be reviewing Horror based/themed Video Games. Get your requests in now.
Thank you!

I also have review[s] up for the following film[s] ...

"Land of the Dead"
"Mr. & Mrs. Smith"

"I like the refreshing and humorous candor at The Dungeon. Their reviews are humorous and to the point and always express strong opinions whether they liked the movie or not." Duane L. Martin Webmaster - B-Movie Central

Welcome to "The Dungeon". Here I will be reviewing some of the worst movies ever made! Ok, Maybe not all are that bad but I can assure you that most are utterly horrible! That much I promise you. I only hope that you will have much fun reading the reviews as I had making them!

The reviews aren't the only thing here though. I also included a section where the readers can submit reviews of films themselves as well as a message board where we may discuss any topic you wish! There is a section for the Round Table Reviews as well. For those who don't know, a Round Table Review is one where a theme is presented by the Rogues and each of it's members has to pick a film to review that fits the theme. Sometimes these can get a bit crazy!

So just sit back, grab a nice cool glass of Lemonade and marvel at the hours upon hours of time I have, and still, waste watching these crapfests! Before you do, be sure to check out Neo's BIO, found in the INFO section to the left. Learn a little about your host and those who have suffered for my entertainment. You may find out a few things you just didn't need to know!

I would like to extend many thanks to someone in particular.

1152 E. Vine St.
Kissimmee, Fl. 34744
Open 7 days a week noon-10pm EST
"Coolest Store in Osceola!"

This store is the only one brave enough to carry some of the crappiest movies I have ever seen! Remember though, that's not a bad thing!! After all, without films like these, there would be no review sites like this! Plus, they sell them off at some of the best rates in town! Now if only I could convince him to let me get a couple for free for this advertisement. :)

This is perhaps the coolest thing right now. A buddy of mine from a WebTV message board is making an Indie Zombie film caled FLESH CRAWL. has gotten wind of it and is helping to promote his flick. Click the following banner to vote for it yourself and help this friend of The Dungeon out. Also be on the lookout for an interview coming soon from both directors and some other promo stuff!

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