The following is a list of reviews from my loyal and faithful readers/fans. Ok, maybe not "fans" but at the very least, people who want their words and views seen/heard/read just as much as anyone else. Thought I had some awful things to say? Thought I saw some of the worst films ever made? Wait until you get a load of these people!

Movie TitleReviewerRatingSynopsis
2 Fast 2 FuriousORVON3[SHORT REVIEW] Paul Walker must go undercover in Miami's underground racing to stop a drug lord.
BlackensteinScarabus0A black Frankenstein. Need I say more?
BlaculaScarabus5An excellent 70's vampire film with an unfortunate title.
Cinderella Story, ACakers3A modern day telling of Cinderella starring a real life one in Hillary Duff.
Creatures From the AbyssStatcat2Talking Piranha & shower heads mixed with some sex and birthing fish eggs. *sigh*
DreamcatcherORVON4 1/2[SHORT REVIEW] A dreamcatcher has something to do with aliens attacking.
Oceans 11Cakers4[SHORT REVIEW] 11 guys rob a casino. Watch as hilarity ensue.
Pitch BlackCakers4 1/2[SHORT REVIEW *no html*] The original version of ALIEN3. Not bad except for Vin Diesel.
Psych-OutStatCat5Perhaps the longest and most involved Reader Review. Statcat returns with a review of this psychedelic thrill ride.
Scream Blacula, ScreamScarabus4Blacula's sequel. But does it, or can it even, live up to the original?
Specials, ThePanda Princess2Looking for a good super-heroe movie Look elsewhere!
Sugar HillScarabus4Blaxploitation at it's best and a zombie film to boot!
Terminator 3ORVON2 1/2[SHORT REVIEW] A sexy T-unit is sent back to stop John yet again.
Thing From Another World, TheORVON5[SHORT REVIEW] An alien invasion in the artic leaves us wondering who is who.
Thing with Two Heads, TheScarabus3 1/2One man, two heads, and Ray Milland. Oh read on. It gets worse.
X2: Xmen UnitedORVON4[SHORT REVIEW] The X-Men are back and this time they face a few old enemies.