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This is a new section that I thought should see the light of day since I have received many emails about it. Why not start a new section based around horror/scifi/fantasy stories. Here the reader can indulge in my ongoing monthly werewolf story based around my Werewolf game character, Cyberclaw, or they can submit their own stories for others enjoyment! Submissions can be sent by clicking here --> Neohamster2002@yahoo.com. I do have a few simple rules though and they are as follows ...

1. Do not copy other people's work! If it is not yours, do not take credit!

2. If you use characters, lands, names, or whatever from popular games, movies, television, or comics, be sure to credit the owner of the copyrighted information.

3. Write what you want, but please do not send in erotica! I have already received many stories that were nothing but porn. Although great for my own personal collection, it just wont work here. Let me recap, sex scenes are OK, just don't make the whole story based around them!

4. Have fun and send in the stories! Let's help make this one the most visited sections of the site! Plus, it gets your name out there people!

I suppose I will get the ball rolling. Be sure to check back monthly for the ongoing stories of CYBERCLAW.

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