The following page is a list of all the rants we have. Not just reviews or passing thoughts, but lingering feelings that are very unhealthy and that we feel the need to inform others about. Some may piss you off, others may make you realise something. Either way, read, enjoy, and be merry!

These are my views, opinions, rants on some topics that kind of piss me off.

"Thir13en Ghosts"


Here is a response by one of our fellow Rogues, Kenneth.

As if that wasn't enough, Eva had to jump in. Her opinion, although somewhat askew, can be read here.

And be sure to check back periodically for more of my rants and my friend's rants.

Speaking of which, I just got a few rants from my favorite ranter, Josh. I have taken a few of my favorite and put them here for you to read and enjoy. Just click on the title and you will be swept away into his own little world of cracked views and opinions on some of the most controversial topics today. Sit back, put the guns away, and enjoy!

About the MPAA

Views on Ebonics

Vampires Today

Josh's views on Alien3

Josh speaks out on X-Men

Josh on Lucas & Star Wars

& for a differing view on this one we have Eva ...

Eva's view of Star Wars & Josh

At this time I would like to remind EVERYONE that these rants are not excuses for flames. These are people's actually thoughts and opinions on certain topics! Not personal attacks on the people! If you think you can pull out some flames here, think again.

Just when you thought women had reached their level, WHAM! We're hit with Panda and her views on Reality TV. Here she is in all her glorious anger guys. Enjoy and strap that cup a little tighter!

Panda's views on Reality TV

Ok now remember this, NOT ALL MEN FEEL THIS WAY!!! LoL Chris has given us his views on "Girl Power" and I am sure this will stir up about as much buzz as Josh's views on Star Wars or my opinions on Stephen King.

Chris' views on Girl Power

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Thank you!