Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you get paid for this? I wish!! Nope. As of right now Neohamster Productions is all free. We collect no money what so ever for doing the reviews, for people reading the reviews, or for the links we provide. It's all just for fun!

2. Why? Why do you do this? I wish I had a dime for every time I heard this question. Then again, wouldn't I be getting paid as a result of the site? Anyway, We do this because it is fun! We enjoy BAD movies, and we love making fun of them. Perhaps we owe a lot of this to the great, GREAT, show MST3k. (Mystery Science Theatre 3000) They sort of helped lay down the basis for web sites like this. Most of all, we love to laugh! Films like the ones listed here are great fodder for jokes, ribs, and general humor. Ever laugh at something that wasn't meant to be comical, like the guy hitting in the nads with a football? That's basically what these movies are like. They're like watching a guy getting hit in the nads!

3. Are there any movies that you idiots DO like? Ok. This question hurt a bit the first few hundred times we heard it but we are getting a bit used to it now! To answer it though, Yes! There are a lot of films we like. Hamster likes many of Kevin Smith's films and the Star Wars series. Neo also likes the Kevin Smith films and Matrix. Can't go wrong with the great Lord of the Rings either. Be sure to look for our list of favorites coming to the "Hall of Fame" section on the home page!

4. Where do you find these movies? I haven't heard of a lot of them! This doesn't surprise me! Many of the films we review are in Neo's personal collection or found on the bottom racks of some of the local mom and pop video stores. Neo gets these films from the shops when they eventually close down and from pawn shops. Pawn shops are a virtual treasure trove of b-movies. That's where he found the great "Time of the Apes" and the immortal "It's Alive 3: Island of the Alive". Plus, they have great specials from time to time like 10 VHS for only $20. Can't pass up great offers like that.

5. What exactly does your rating scale mean anyway? That's for us to know and for you to wonder why. Just kidding. It actually means we are GODS!! Here is the scale now.

- Good film! Highly recommended for Viewing. Hell, bring it to your next wedding!
- An Ok film. Seen better but still worthy of a rental!
- When in a pinch I guess this film will do. But be sure to promtly flush after viewing!
- You may want to rent something else. Perhaps something a little more worthy. Say Gone with the Wind 2 or a video compilation of Thunder in Paradise.
- STAY AWAY! This film should have been burned and the makers shot like rabid blood-llamas.
- In the immortal words of Comic Book Guy, Worst film ever! More than 1 of these a day could cause severe trauma and loss of certain mental faculties. We do not give "bombs" lightly! These are reserved for films with absolutely no redeeming factors, AT ALL! Hamster still bangs his head against the wall and screams like a little sissy girl when ever Howling: New Moon Rising is mentioned

If you have any other questions for Neo or Hamster not seen here, feel free to e-mail them to us at Neohamster2002@yahoo.com and be sure to include "Questions" in the subject line! Thanks again and enjoy the site!

Neo & hamster