The Oracle
Rated R94min

Mrs. Jennifer Jorgens - Comes across a handy device used to speak with the dead in the basement of her new apartment building. Cute and all, but I'm sure missing a few screws. She has visions and as such now has to help a murdered spirit get revenge.

Mr. Ray Jorgens - Jennifer's husband and insensitive jerk! He simply refuses to believe anything his wife tells him and tells her how he wishes she was like another woman. Femme-Nazis will cheer when he gets his head torn off by the demon in the insinerator!

Cindy - Jenn's friend and a little cute in the swinger slut sort of way. This is the girl who Ray wishes Jenn was more like. Gee, I wonder why! She too is a little too skeptical and refuses to believe.

Ben - I swear they said his name was Travis earlier in the film. eh, Anyway. Ben is the only one who seems to be open to the possibility that Jenn is telling the truth. He even helps find out information for her husband at one point. Either way, he's the one going home with Cindy at night.

Mr. Pappas - The Greek building super. He's the one who sort of caused all this trouble when he gave the hand to Jenn. He ends up committing accidental suicide trying to kill demons on himself after botching a communication with the dead. See what happens when you try and cheat the lotto?

Dorothy Graham - Rich widow who had her husband, Bill, killed and now living off the fortune. Once she finds out that Jenn knows the truth, she sets about killing her. It's too bad this hot blonde had to die by muffler!

Dr. Ryker - The shrink that Cindy sent Jenn to see. On a housecall, Ryker dies somehow. They never showed it. That sucked!!

Farkas - The "It's Pat" of killers. One of the people hired by Dorothy Graham to kill her husband. After posing as both sexes, this ... thing is melted by acid during an attempt to kill Jenn.

Tom Varney - The other killer in the deadly duo. This one is a bit more sympathetic. Or is that just plain pathetic? eh, Either way, he is shredded by broken glass while trying to kill Jenn in the nuthouse.

Tammy - Useless hooker picked up by Farkas before you find out that Farkas is actually a chick. This cheap hooker ends up being slaughtered for only $20.

*Son of a bitch. He ate the bones too.

*You ain't got no powah! .... patooie

*They're not like dead people. They ARE dead people, demons!

*The sooner you do it, the sooner you get paid.

*He made my skin crawl every time he touched me.

3min: There's a good idea. Let's just open the strange chest that's glowing green and moaning.
8min: Shouldn't her pimp be busting in right about now?
12min: Who the hell is this murderer and why do they feel the need to show us their handy work?
13min: What the hell was that scene cut?
14min: ARRGHGHHHHH ... These quick and senseless scene cuts are annoying. Almost like "Curse of the Screaming Dead!"
29min: oops. You forgot the plume
34min: Product placement
36min: That blade is amazingly clean.
43min: WHOA ... Ease up there Mr. Sensitivity.
52min: I wonder if anyone else notices her ever changing beret angle?
57min: Cool! A Dom DeLuise look-alike.
77min: Oh thank God he's dead!
81min: Was that Peter Jackson?
83min: Oh shocker. She's really a woman. Was the sarcasm a little too thick?
86min: She missed?
89min: I sense irony a'comin.
90min: I knew it.
94min: Trailers after the ending credits? This is new.


There are so many bad movies out there and occassionally you run across one that is truely awful. I have come across hree in my lifetime so far."Curse of the Screaming Dead", "Night of Bloody Horror, and now "The Oracle!" All of these films have one thing in common, my anguish!

I'm only going to give a brief plot synopsis since it was all over the place and hard to understand anyway. Here goes, Jennifer stumbles across an instrument used by mediums to speak with the dead. It is a stone hand with a large white plume that the dead use to write out messages. Little does Jennifer know but the spirit of Bill Graham is going to use her to prove he did not commit suicide but rather he was murdered. Everyone thinks Jennifer is a bit looney and their skepticism is only fueled by her insane rantings of how the dead are making her do things. Even a police officer who Jennifer asks for help ships her off to a nuthouse.

There is a sweet subplot that was executed extremely poorly and even another one that went no where! Why did the androgenous murderer, Farkas, kill the hooker Tammy? What was the point of that scene anyway? It's a little too obvious in this film that the directors suffered from some sort of mental deficiency and the actors were most likely winos working for a bottle of cheap scotch.

I hated this film! There was nothing good about it and it was almost a pain to watch. Not exactly as bad as "Curse of the Screaming Dead" but still horrendous to behold. The lines were awful and totally unbelievable. The characters were about as much fun to watch as a nazi granny porn. I will make sure that everyone involved with this over at Reel Time Distribution pays for this travisty!!