The Dungeonmaster
Rated PG-1380min

Paul Bradford - Computer geek and trouble shooter for the large PC company, Cyrex. He has a wonderful life pretty cute girlfriend, but this awful obsession with computers!

Gwen - Paul's girlfriend and innocent abductee in the little game. She is a wanna-be professional dancer/actress who has the perfect body! It's just too bad her face could stop a clock!

Mestema - Or as we would call him, Satan. Abducts Paul and Gwen to play in his little game for their souls. Does awful right up until the last part of the game where he cheats. Paul ends up throwing him into a fiery pit and escaping his grasp ... for now!

*Let's go to bed. At least there I know I will have all your attention.

*I dub thee Excalibrate.

*I'm having a very bad dream and you just happen to be in it!

*Yours for as long as you can tolerate the ecstacy!

*You have one hour to save her from his cold sharp blade. Get my point?

*So what are you supposed to be in that outfit, Gumby?

*I have seen a thousand plagues, a thousand wars, and I will be here when you're dust!

1min: This can't be good. They just listed SEVEN directors!
4min: Is this aerobic exercise an interpretive dance of Paul's jog home?
6min: I have got to get a set of those glasses!
21min: I would seriously begin to question reality right about now.
22min: SWEET!! ZOMBIES!! This isn't that bad!
25min: Yeah Paul! Let Satan molest your woman.
27min: OH MY GOD! He's at a W.A.S.P. concert!
29min: Blackie just laid him out!
36min: "forget it" is actually two words there genius!
53min: Does it still count as a win if the monster kills himself?
55min: That challenge made no sense.
59min: Why did none of them pull the trigger?
64min: Thanks for the vote of confidence there baby!


Wow! I read about this at and I have heard about it through friends. You would think with all the negative publicity and animated dragons done by Disney that I would have stayed away. It's just too damn bad that I'm a glutton for punishment like this. Perhaps if I did take the advice, I wouldn't have had to put up with the pain of this film.

Well let's see, you have Richard Moll as Satan, an 80's computer geek, and some idiotic looking puppets coupled with seven directors. This could not end well and as such, it didn't. It starts with our geek, Paul Bradford, hard at work making his boss look stupid. After a quick jog home and a flash to his girlfriend Gwen, at the dance studio, we see the object of Paul's affection, his computer "X-Calibr8." We are then treated to a dispute between Paul and Gwen about his infatuation with his computer.

Little did anyone know but Satan was watching and he wants to play a little game against Paul. Satan now kidnaps Paul and Gwen and forces Paul to compete in seven adventures to win their freedom and keep control of their souls. The challenges consist of defeating zombies, saving Gwen from a slasher, battling an 80's metal band, a stone giant, a musem filled with killers, an angel in a cave, and the only one he fails, a desert race in a post apocalypitic world. This all leads to Paul challenging Satan to a bout of fist to cuffs. Unbelievably, Paul casts Satan into a lava pit.

What can I say about this film? It had animated dragons by Disney! That should tell you something! If not, I have four words for you ... Puff the Magic Dragon! The story was good and the actors were pretty good but the seven directors were totally unnecessary and a bit of a hinderance to the potential of the film. Too many conflicting visions and it clashed in areas of this film. As such, it suffered. Still, it was a decent film and worthy of a viewing. Can't complain since it only cost me four bucks!