The Surge
The Source
2001Screen Media
The Asylum
Rated R97min

Reese - Reese is what we all thought of as a nerd in school. This hit a bit too close to home for me though. He is the son of the new Chem teacher and due to his "goth" fashion sense, he is an outcast. Now I would have contributed it more towards the eye liner but hey, I'm not Dolce Gabana. Anyway, being "Goth" and the new kid in town subjects him to the usual taunting and bullying his first week. This leads him to become friends with fellow outcasts Zack, Ashley, & Phoebe. SPECIAL POWERS:Heal & Harm

Phoebe - Phoebe is the resident flower child, as represented by her name. She is very shy and timid and as her mother calls her, a delicate flower. You can't help but end up liking this character but eventually get sick and tired of her whining all the time. Big deal, so you're lactose intolerant!! SPECIAL POWERS:Telekinesis

Zack - Zack is the Bill Gates jr. of the group. Very intelligent and very adept at spouting out technobabble that sounds somewhat impressive. He does learn how to focus the power of the mystery gems though and therefore bring out the hidden powers within the four of them. Zack is also Ashley's brother and this leads to a very uncomfortable confrontation later on in the flick. SPECIAL POWERS:Telepathy

Ashley - This is Zack's sister and the main villain of the film. She ends up getting drunk from her power and for some reason, rather than make herself rich or something, she takes over her high school at night. Turns the teachers into borderline mental retards and the students into mindless zombies, minus the flesh eating. This in turn leads to her downfall as the other 3 in the group seek to stop her and show her the rror of her ways. SPECIAL POWERS:Suggestion

Moss Man - This 40 year old, still living with his mom, is Zack's connection to most high tech equipment. he does rent it out at a very reasonable price and eventually helps figure out what Zack's problem is after a recent confrontation with Ashley. Oh where would the kids be without this guy around showing such a great example?

Miss Dunn - Oh she had no real point in the film, other than to be an antagonist to Phoebe, but I thought she was just uberHott!! Wow. With teachers like her in MY high school, I would have had honors. Maybe even been Magna cum laude! I'm hot for teacher baby!

*Hey, check out the death rocker.
*Fashion 9-1-1 honey!
*Reese? Is that as in the candy or the monkey?
*I'd sooner lick puke!
*Ahhh forget it! We don't wanna see her niblits anyway!
*I'm the spider and you're the fly. Now it's time for you to die.

2min: BWAHAHA That song is a Manson rip-off
4min: I have a serious problem with guys wearing eyeliner!
11min: When did they switch seats?
31min: Fantastical psychobabble
42min: They have disco balls in the forest?
50min: What the hell? This turned into a bad GQ commercial.
57min: Wow. I'm hot for teacher!
64min: Does everyone at this school have a firecracker entrance?
70min: Not much blood for slashed wrists there.
79min: I'm sorry but did he just use a Star Trek medical tricorder?
92min: MmMmMm Now that's sexy!
95min: Twisted student teacher relationship and sequel possibilities. What about the children?

I saw this film as a free rental from a local video store years back. I remembered loving it and sought it out to buy once the old video shop went under. Now. I found this film on DVD for about $4, and that included shipping and handling. Wow, I wondered, why was it so cheap since my recollection of this was a good one. So, I bought it and immediately set down to finally review a good movie. Or so I thought. *sigh*

Well first off this film was riddled with characters that were way too over the top, or just didn't fit their projected style. For example, a Goth boy who's afraid of blood? I'm sorry but isn't that cause for being kicked out of the Goth club or something? How about the megamaniacal chick who just seemed way toointo her work and obsessed with teacher relations? And what the hell was her deal with bodily fluids like puke & snot? *gags*

Now as if this character flaw wasn't enough, we had a flower child who was just a bit too whiney for my tastes. She couldn't stand up for herself and broke down at the slighest hint of direct confrontation. Now if she caught you from behind, watch out. Phoebe could whoop your ass then. And last but not least is perhaps the finest character in the whole group. Zack. I mean he was the most believable and realistic of the whole gang. It's just too bad he outshined the rest and had to be put into a coma for the rest of the film to give the others their moments in the sun.

As if the characters and their acting weren't bad enough, we had to deal with this mirror reflection shiney spot crap dancing all over the screen for about the last half of the film. It actually got quite annoying! We had a typical plot point with the principal that really didn't go it's full round since there was so much to be done there. A possible conflict between the Chemistry teacher and him would have been a good side story. Also, way too many questions arose but went unanswered.

My final verdict of this film was that is was somewhat entertaining. The schoolgirls were also very attractive, but that's just my sick fetish! Would I watch it again? Maybe in another couple of years. Would I recommend it to a friend? Maybe to someone who was agorophobic. This may actually get them up and out of the house. Anything to get away from their TV. (ok that was a lame joke) Either way, this film was OK at best. Nothing spectacular but the idea was kind of cool.