It was once my favorite station but now it occurs to me that the WB sucks.

Birds of Prey was a great show. It kicked serious but it had all of that female empowerment, Xena-warcry, Power Puff Girl-Power, Oxygen channel goodness that the young woman of America need. So what if I was only one of 3 people who actually watched the show? The networks here to cater to ME personally, didn't they know that? But no, the get rid of it to make room for highly-rated reality shows like 'Surreal Life' and 'High School Reunion'. Can I ask you a question? Does anybody honestly give a damn what Corey Feldmen and Hammer are up to now a days? Apparently their self-esteem can't be riding high (really has no reason to be I guess) if they are doing a show about washed up has-beens locked in a house together. But let me tell you something.

As wrong as that show is, it pales in comparison to what FOX is doing. Every other show on FOX is a reality show and it a has some of the worst. Joe Millionaire for example is just mean. Tell a bunch of poor unsuspecting gold-diggers that they have a shot at a millionaire only to have it all turn out he's not. Didn't they already do this? Except last time it wasn't intentional? And then there's 'American Idol'. THE WORLD DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER BRITNEY SPEARS PERIOD!!!

Why so many reality shows? Because the networks suck. Wait, no I'm wrong. They are just doing what they need to to make money. These shows are on because you people eat them up. It's YOU the viewers of America that suck.

I ask you this is watching Simon ridicule an inept singer really worth the creation of another singing Barbie Doll?

-I'm Panda Princess and that was my rant.