Ocean's Eleven
Rated PG-13116min

Synopsis:  This movie has George CLOONEY, Brad PITT and Matt DAMON in it!  Oh, and a ˜Pretty Woman' too.  


Parolee Danny Ocean meets with his friend, Rusty and devise a plan to rob a hotel in Las Vegas.  The most memorable line for me was when Danny (her ex man) asks Tess if Terry (her new man) makes her laugh and her response is "He doesn't make me cry."  Classic womanspeak  (Men, take note!).  The brilliantly simple scene near the end of the movie when all the robbers meet in front of Bellagio's fountain, watch the water and then leave one by one was wonderful.  No words are spoken but the scene was beautiful.  This movie is filled with action, suspense, humor, excellent dialogue and is fun to watch.  Did I mention that it stars Clooney, Pitt and Damon? ˜nuff said.  I give it 4 Jason heads