Night of Bloody Horror
© 1969Cinema IV
Rated R80min

Wesley Stewart - Wes is played by Gerald McCraney and has some serious mental issues. As a child he accidentally killed his younger brother and spent time in an asylum. Now he lives with his mom. Agatha Stewart - Wesley's mom. Sick-O woman who keeps the bodies of her dead son, Jonathan, and husband, Carl, in her bedroom. Eventually shot and killed.

Dr. Bennett Moss - Wesley's doctor. He treated Wes while he was in the asylum. Get's his hand chopped off and takes a butcher knife to the head.

Susan Collins - Wes's love interest at the beginning of the film. Get's stabed through the eye by a "Priest"

Kate - Odd nurse lady who saves Wes from getting his ass beat one night. She becomes Wes's new love interest right up until she takes a hatchet in her chest for her troubles.

Mark - Wes's only male friend. Bails him out of jail once and drinks alot.

Angel - Wes's next girlfriend after Kate. Is it just me or does this guy get around? Bound and tortured by Agatha.

*Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord and your penance is DEATH!

*There's something wrong! Something terribly wrong!

*You're right Stewart, You'd have to be a psychopath, or like you said, nuts!

*No more blood Agatha! Not for me!

1min: "The Bored"? They ought to add Hamster and Neo to that cast list!
3min: Random Gratuitous Breast Shot
8min: Forgive me father for I have sined. I am in this film and I can't act worth a crap!
9min: Kind of a harsh penance for sleeping with your fiancé, don't ya think father?
10min: Oh crap! Another POV shot!
13min: Will they please buy some feckin' stage lights?
16min: Random Act of Violance against a bottle
17min: I haven't cheered so much since Jimmy Quinn got his ass beat by those two Italians in "Q".
20min: Her story sounds more interesting than this film does!
21min: ARGH!!!I want to tear my own arm of just to beat myself senseless! This movie is so damn boring!
27min: These "Time Tunnel" swirls about to get some bodies ass beat if they don't quit soon!
37min: Looked better as a negative! At least we now know where their entire budget went to!
39min: "The Bored" must have been a reference to their audience!
68min: Uh huh! Because just throwing him in the pool in the back yard is a good way to insure no one finds him. I'm sure the cops will never look there!
77min: No credits? What, didn't they have enough in their budget to at least afford credits?

Kid? He's like 35 years old!

This movie is about a guy who accidentally kills his brother as a child, consequently his father commits suicide and he gets locked up in an asylum. Once out, his mother punishes him by killing off his girlfriends.

The cops all think he is the killer, and why not. The guy goes around with a constant "I'm a looney psycho" look on his face and he suffers from chronic black-outs and headaches. Two sure fire ways to tell you're a lunatic killing off innocent women. All the while the cops do amazing Barney Fife imitations!

One dumb-as-a-bed-post reporter falls for our "hero" despite the fact he is a suspected seriel killer. The cops start looking for our boy so the reporter chick goes to his house to find the one person who can atest to his location at the time of the most recent killing. Unfortunatly, good'ole mom has already wacked the psychiatrist who can clear her son, and decides to ptake out the reporter girl to further feck up her son's lie and head.

Fortunatly he shows up with the cops, who at this point owe him many apologies, and saves his new girlfriend, although mom dies in the process. The movie ends with him crying out a plaintive "MOTHER!"

This movie is one of the five worst films I have ever seen! It has tons of problems. The acting was pedestrian at best. It was buffoonish, amateurish, and even down right insulting to the viewer. No one had any worth while delivery. They were just not into what they were doing. It was as if they were reading off of a teleprompter or cue cards.

This may seem like an odd thing to complain about, but the lighting was just plain awful! You couldn't make out what was going on in so many of the scenes, that you may have well just shut your eyes and pretended it was a radio serial.

At one point we must endure a scene where our loon friend is dreaming about doing the hot and nasty with his mother. Now this I could understand if your mom looked like, oh, I don't know, say Reese Witherspoon! Hell, if my mom looked like Reese Witherspoon I would STILL be breast feeding today. But this guys mother looked like she was savagely beaten with-in an inch of her life with the ugly stick! She fell out of the ugly tree and hit every ugly branch on the way down. Then she rolled down the ugly hill, off the ugly cliff, into the ugly river, and was washed up onto shore of ugly island where she was promptly eaten by the ugly cannibals.

Not only was the mother the picture of sin ugly, but she didn't kill nearly enough people. I hate seriel killers with no work ethic! She wasn't all there in the brain department either. Keeping the bodies in the house you live in was not exactly a stroke of genius. All in all this movie was extremely boring and at times, down right painful to watch!

Boy was this video box misleading! No where was there cannibalism or creatures of the night to be found! And the title. There was no "Bloody Horror" but it was bloody horrible! There was only onename actor in this example of depravity and Gerald McCraney was only good in Simon & Simon. That's not saying much either!

It seems Wesley, played by McCraney, had a brother that he accidentally killed when they were younger. The result of this was Carl, Wes's father, commiting suicide. A right I wsh I had done by the time the film was over! This also drove his mother, Agatha, crazy and sent her on a killing spree of all of Wes's female friends, and vowing that he will never have another friend. This, of course, leads to Wes having some seriously screwed up dreams, Time Tunnel trips, and a very lonely existence.

Let's take a second and talk about all the good points to this film. Well, that was fast! Now on to the bad points! Wes's mother had teeth that looked like they tried to chew their way out of a Volkswagon, We had to see Major Dad naked, all the cute girls seemed to end up dead, and it took forever for this film to end. They had no idea how to use lighting, so they just did away with it all together. This leads to many parts being too damn dark to tell what is happening on the screen. Which may have actually been a blessing in disguise. I'm not sure, but compared to the scenes that I did have the misfortune of seeing.

If only there were some redeeming qualities to this film, but there weren't! I would tape over this crap but I have a feeling that crap will only beget crap!

Hamster is so going to pay for this as well! About half way through I faked having to go to the restroom and dashed out of The Dungeon. Quickly I ran to the bathroom and luckily, my little brother's Game Boy™ was in there. I set back and enjoyed relief as I played a hearty game of Tetris. Thankfully out of reach of that horrid little film! Next thing I know, the door is busted open and in comes Hamster yelling something about hearing the buttons clicking and not escaping the film. Damn you Nintendo! You can make a game system that fits in my back pocket but you can't make the feckin' buttons silent?? Watch your backs Nintendo. Neo is coming for revenge!