The Vampires of today are weak willed pansies.

Why are vampires in films, TV and comics/novels today all pussies? Years ago a vampire was feared and would ace a victim without remorse. Now due to nancyboys like Lestat, the flood of weak, "romantic" vampires is upon us. The real Vlad Tepes would be embarrassed that these panty-waist, fruits even shared the title. The vampires on Buffy are all such push-overs I wonder why they even bother to fight back. But the worst is by far Lestat. Thanks to him we are suffering through the "romantic" phase of vampirism. I have heard that women are actually so turned on by the idea of being bitten by this fruit and that he has become an icon equal to that of Fabio. Dracula could/would waste Lestat without even moving.

I want the violent, unremorseful and downright evil vampires back. Vampires that take the Legends in the right direction. In the times when the original vampire legends first emerged from the tales of the surfs, they were vile, despicable, evil and even pitiful creatures. They were the things you FEARED. You feared becoming their victim but most of all becoming one of them. Never did a more loathsome creature exist. Now people seem to WANT to be a vampire. Goth's seem to almost make a lifestyle (no pun intended) of it.

Sure the vampire of legend has been murdered by the emerging of science and technology (by that I mean people began to disbelieve due to the growing education and toning down of superstition) but the "romantic" vampire is just pathetic. Anne Rice (even more talentless than Stephen King) is mainly to blame for this. Actually all of the mindless sheep that buy (in both senses of the word) this drivel are really to blame. Vampires are to be feared and not revered. BAH to these modern vampires (the actual term used when the legends began was "Dos Wampyre") are just Living (as it is) the shadow of the true and "real" vampires.