Well it was better than Battlefield Earth, I will give it that.

First off it should have been called Wolverine (in big letters) and the X-men (in small letters off to the side). The whole movies' focus was on Wolverine and Rouge. The flash backs to Wolverine's past seem like nothing more than a set up to make the sequel (which will again focus on Wolverine). The rest of the team is just there as an excuse for some FX and some Matrix-style fighting. The villains don't really do anything either. They fight with the X-men now and then but don't really DO anything. Toad and Mystique even kick all of the X-men's asses by themselves. NEVER could either of those characters even held there own agianst the X-men in the comics, but to be fair that was prior to the comics being sanitized for mass consumption as it so clearly has now. Storm just sits and gets her butt kicked (twice) and only seems to use her powers at just the right time and when that is all that will save everyone (thats a sign of a bad script). Same with Cyclops and Jean. Speaking of Jean she is a TK, yet outside of a few useless moments to "show off", she never uses her power. There is more than one time where she could end the fight and win the day if she used her TK abilities but she just sits there whining. The pointless cameos are annoying as well. Kitty, Pyro, Iceman and others are there for no reason other than to be there. Yes I know they are there "as a treat to the fans" but it comes off as pretentious here.

I don't know where I should start in pointing out the many, many moronic "plot" details and problems. Lets start with the mutant making machine. What the hell kind of lame plot-device is that? I guess that being stuck in a mutant making battery and dying turns some (not all) of your hair white (in nice even stripes too). What was Singer thinking? Iceman freezes Pyro's fire for fucks sake. You CAN NOT freeze fire. When Mystique changes form the CGI people seem to have no idea what mass is. She is sneaking into a the X-mansion as a young boy (Iceman who is about 10 years old for some dumb reason) and when she changes back to her "real" self, she doesn't change size, height or anything. Sabertooth is just a big, hairy bum here, no real purpose. Toad is just annoying and really stupid. The fights are so overblown and over the top that they are funny to watch. Everytime someone gets hit they go flying back (or up) as if there was a stagehand off camera pulling them (wait that IS what was really happening). There is no logic shown in the movie by any of the characters and especially not by the cops. The scene with the cops is another example of BAD script-writing. These are trained and experianced officers, that seem to be frightened and even terrified of guns to thier heads. You know they ARE trained to deal with a gun to the head (admittingly they are not trained to deal with a situation like the one they are in, but is it really that different from if a perp was holding a gun on them?).

Next the FX. Some look good and others (like Mystique's transformation) are such obvious CGI layovers they look ridiculous. The sets look like something stolen from a bad James Bond film. Come on there is NO way you could sub-contract out the work needed to build these complexes and keep it a secret (and not cost billions of dollars). What, did NO ONE notice that Xaviar tore up almost a city block and had billions of dollars worth of rooms, computers etc... installed? How the hell do you get a permit for that anyway?). The dialog was awful and seemed really forced. The performances where either bad or average and the "Plot" twists can be seen 10 minutes before they happen (I called every one prior to it happening).

Now the fact that none of the characters even come close to their comic counter-parts was something I was willing to overlook, but these are so far off it is almost blasphemous. This is yet another in a long line of awful comic movies and is up there with Blade, The Batman films and Superman 4.