How can I begin to describe my unhealthy distaste for this man? Let's start with his novels. Much like Lucas, he does nothing but ramble on and on, usually about subtle things that have nothing to do with the plot, unneeded back story to useless characters, plots left unfinished, the general nothing at all. Now the man does do some good work, but mostly in the way of his short stories. Hell, all of his novels would be short stories if you cut out all of the crap. He did do a few good novels as well but they were under the pseudoname Richard Bachman. Also, 4 good novels compared to 20+ in a lifetime is not exactly good odds.

What about his movies you ask? Much like his novels, boring and long winded. Cujo was great when I was like 9 years old and the dog was bigger than me. Now I have learned that a good swift kick to the ribs will send just about any animal running for it's breath. Pet Semetary? Thinner? It? all boring bits of wasted time. If you haven't seen these yet, DON'T! I can send you all the good parts on a tape set on SP. I will even leave the tab on it so you can use the other hour and 58 minutes for whatever you want. Now, like his books, there are a few nuggets of goodness that seem to slip through his fingers as he tries desperately to hold on. Rose Red seemed a bit good, but Diary of Ellen Rimbauer looked better from what I saw. Again though, 1or 2 good films compared to 10+ is not good odds at all.

Now on to my favortie part, the man himself! He is now writing for Entertainment Weekly where they actually pay this man to just ramble and talk about what ever he wants. Most recently about Freddy VS. Jason. He still goes off on his little ramblings about things not even related to the topic at hand, boring us to shreds, all the while slowly killing our braincells with idiocy. I have no idea what talking about Stand By Me had to do with his thoughts on FvJ, but he referenced it. Going back even further, he did a little tidbit about what he liked in film, music, and novel. He ripped Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, basically saying that it is a prime example of all that is wrong with print today & anyone who liked it was just as stupid. This pissed me off since I am one of the people who enjoyed this book and helped keep it on the Best Sellers list, where it still sits today. What's the matter King? Jealous of someone with a shred of talent?

In his taste for music he in one breath says how he hates and has no time for someone with a one word name, Beck, Moby, Jewel, blah blah blah. Yet he then goes on to say he likes Eminem. His reasoning? "Deep down inside there is still a man named Marshal Mathers." I hate to tell you King, but deep down inside all of the entertainers with one name, lies a real human being with TWO, count'em, 2 names. Celine was one he ripped. Now make fun all you like, mostly based of what she stands for in pop culture, but the woman is very talented, not to mention cute on some kind of odd level. He hates her. Now don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just don't rip on others for their likes and dislikes unless you are prepared to get the same in return.

Do unto others King. Do unto others!