Ghoulies III
Ghoulies Go To College
Rated ?94min

Prof. Ragnar - This man has no respect for prank week. This man also shows why we hated teachers when we were growing up! Surprise to say, he is the one who summons the little green bald devils this time around. Get this though, he gets melted after all his hard work. God I hated this character almost as much as Jonathan Graves from the first!

Skip Carter - This is the main focus after the ... ahem ... Ragnar. He is president of the BZT and quite a yanker if you ask me. I mean hell, he has a friend named Mookey and they are the prime targets for the Professor who obviously has nothing better to do with his time. Worst of all, I hate it when the idiots get the hot babes in the end. His girfriend is none other than ...

Erin Riddle - This is the cute, hott, sexy, gorgeous, humanities babe. She is also the hottest thing to hit this series since ... well ... maybe the skinny carnie wench but that's even stretching for the carnie. No one has compared to her [Erin]. The only thing that could have made it better is she could act. I guess all good things must have a bad part.

Jeremy Heilman - This is skips ... "nemesis." I hate to make this film seem like it had a plot or anything but there is nother way to describe these idiots!

Miss Boggs - Really, she's a nobody but she did get flushed by the Greenies.

Wes - I might as well just give the basics for these people since no one should really care about them. Wes is just an over sexedmoron with a cute girlfriend.

Veronica - Wes' hot blonde babe of a girl. Of course she is also the campus slut and for that, she is killed by a plunger. At least the deaths are pretty funny.

Officer Barcus - This clumsy oaf is the campus security. It's just too bad this peeping tom is more in love with his golf cart than with his job. Just a peek at some of this morons credits include, falling from a tree, being blown up, & driving his cart into a light pole. Oh yeah, I feel safer already!

*Don't ruin it by being refective.

*Smells like something screwies going on boss.

*Want you? Of course I want you. What do you call the last 20 minutes?

*You're full of dingo berries.

*You're a real hard ass when your around your steroid fed butt buddies!

*"411" don't do murders. Next time try "911." Have a nice day.

17min: Eureka! There's a connection.
18min: Random Gratuitous Breast Shot
20min: THEY TALK!!!
25min: Random Gratuitous Breast Shot
29min: Random Act of Voiolence Against a Stereo
46min: Ghoulie was a race car driver. He drove so goddamn fast. Never did win no checkered flag ...
51min: OH YEAH! She was on Newhart wasn't she?
54min: Random Gratuitous Breast Shot
55min: Random Gratuitous Breast Shot
76min: Why is every trick the oldest one in the book?
86min: Someone better lay off the mexican.
89min: I hate when they foreshadow sequels, escpecially for this series.

What do you get when you take "Animal House", half their budget, throw in some demons, and mix in a bunch of naked college girls? You get one of the most senseless sequels ever to hit the shelf at your local mom & pop shop! This film, Ghoulies III, is a prime example of this and demonstraits , in perfection, just how to waste film and the viewers time. Worst of all, no midgets. The only one in the series without a midget.

Ok, so this film did have some gorgeous women and boy did they enjoy showing off their ASSets, but it did nothing to save this film. Although it may have received a lower score from me had it not had all the TnA! In fact, if you have seen "Animal House," You have already seen most of this film. Don't get me wrong, the boobs & full frontals were great, but it didn't make the film. In fact, NOTHING made this film save for a few perverts with a little too much time on their hands!

They took this film in a whole new direction with a new look for the little ghouls, and a whole new attitude for the puppet idiots. Get this, they even talk this time around. They don't exactly show a Harvard education in their dialect, but they do seem to have a pension for the 3 Stooges. I am just surprised I didn't see the painters sketch done by them.

Wait, it gets worse. Not only were the 3 Stooges evident, but so were the Keystone Cops. I'm serious. Quit laughing, this is serious. The campus "guard" was a fat buffoon who must have graduated from the Barney Fife School of Law Enforcement with a minor in Gilliganism. Oh but wait, when he wasn't ramming his golf cart into poles, walking into walls, this little perv was spying on the babes and trying to get their panties.

I suppose besides the idiots and morons, you'ld like to know what the movie was about. Well here it is. Turns out there was a comic printed that contained the spells and incantations needed to raise servents from hell and bind them to their master. Not only were they bound but if the demons kill the summoner, the caller gains their power and becomes all powerful. Prof. Ragnar finds this comic and calls forth the little beasties to get back at the students he hates, namely Skip and his friend Mookey. And all this had to happen in the middle of prank week.

Well this film did have one great thing going for it. Erin Riddle. She was the hottest babe in ANY of the Ghoulie films. Her friend and campus slut, Veronica, is a close second though. Both these women and all the boob shots are the only reason to watch this movie! Perverted? Like boobs? Then check out this film. Like plot, acting, direction, and horror? STAY CLEAR!