Fantastic Four, The
199?New Horizons
Rated NR89min

Dr. Reed Richards - Scientist leader of the group and love interest to Susan. Mr. Richards is the reason everyone was lead into their doom and turned into their psychological super-hero counter parts. His being, Mr. Fantastic.

Victor Von Doom - (aka) Dr. Doom and the nemesis of all things good. He has a sort of mental issue with Reed and for some reason, blames him for the accident that caused him to be so horribly disfigured. As revenge, Victor tries to destroy New York with his "doom ray."

Susan Storm - Well, in the movie adaption she is the one who designs the FF suits. She falls in love with Reed at a very early age and because of his screw up in space, she becomes Invisible Woman.

Johnny Storm - They really should have named this guy Caffiene-Boy rather than The Human Torch. Johnny is the brother to Susan and her "protector" from cradle robbers like ... oh nevermind.

Ben Grimm - Typical jock but this time, one with a brain. Ben becomes the infamous Thing and falls in love with the sweet and blind hottie, Alicia.

Alicia Masters - Blind sculptor who falls in love with Ben and who eventually gets kidnapped by the most useless villian I have seen since Shredder.

The Jeweler - A little dweeby guy who lives under ground with a bunch of mental retards. He steals the great diamond that was supposed to be the power source for Reed's mission and kidnaps Ben's girlfriend. Let's just say he's not too bright himself.

*I guess you an get grant money to do anything these days.
*Hello Mrs. Storm, can Johnny and Susan go into space with us?
*Come back and visit us sometime. Bring the kids!
*It's clobberin' time!
*Holy Freud Batman, I think you're right!
*I love walking into a trap, don't you?
*Half the fun is the chase. You've robbed me of even that!

2min: Is this a National Geographic special about the solar system or something.
6min: Her superhero name should be Beaver-Girl.
27min: Whoa ... the colors
28min: Wouldn't they have been burned to a crisp upon reentry?
29min: What bothers me is the fact you all forgot about Susan!
37min: Supervillians always seem to favor the mentally handicapped as their henchmen.
39min: How can their be a POV shot for a blind girl?
41min: You've become something from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
44min: I quit!
50min: A musket? He's using a musket?
57min: He was try to melt a hole through the stone wall?
58min: Random act of violence against a wall.
63min: I think it would look better on the floor next to my bed!
73min: It's purpose was to show stock footage?
77min: Get a handle on those spirit fingers buddy!
84min: That's just creepy.


It may be hard to believe but I like this film. Corman is a god as far as I'm concerned and this film only goes to further prove that fact. Taking into account the fact that Corman is synonimous with low-budget, and this film has a made for TV kind of feel about it, you wont be disappointed if you can find a copy of this rare unreleased gem.

SemiTrue to the comic, this comic to film adaption of a classic is a hell of a lot better than some of the others out there. When I first saw "Punisher", I wanted to end the miserable lives of all those involved, but not with this film. When I saw the last few Batman films, the last couple of Superman films, Supergirl, Black Jack, The Shadow, The Phantom, Justice League, The Flash, I wanted to rip my own arms off and beat myself retarded just to ease the pain these films caused to me. Well maybe not "Supergirl" but surely the rest! Not this film either. Although it did have it's points of idiocy, it was a hell of a lot better than the others. One thing too is how Corman made this at the last moment before he would have lost the right! What is it with this man and split second productions?

Ben, Reed, and Victor are all students in college and preparing for the big day when Collosus passes by Earth. Reed and Victor have set up this giant machine to harness the energy of this comet, but as per usual, something goes wrong and it costs Reed his friend Victor. Ten years later Reed and Ben are going to take a shuttle to space and further the work started by Victor but they need a couple of more members. Cue Susan and Johnny. Well it turns out the diamond they were using as an energy source was a fake. The real one being stolen by the supervillian midget "The Jeweler!" This in turn causes the shuttle to explode and cast it's crew back down to Earth. I think you either know or can guess the rest. They all get their powers based off of their psyche. Reed is always trying to do everything at once and spreads himself too thin, so now his power is that he stretches. Susan is shy so she can become invisible and Johnny is hot tempered which leads him to become a human torch. Finally there is Ben. He's tough and strong so of course he becomes a giant orange rock ... Thing, a living stone golem if you will.

Now Victor Von Dom is actually still alive and decides he is going to make the Fantastic Four pay for what Reed did to him nearly ten years earlier, talk about holding a grudge. I think it may actually be some kind of Daddy issues. Maybe he is just in need of a hug or something. Either way, it all comes to a head in Victor's castle when he tries to destroy New York. You know, he could have just aimed for New Jersey and no one would have tried to stop him and he could still get that feeling of accomplishment. Hell, he may have even got a pat on the back for his efforts. Of course the Fantastic Four have to meddle though and stop him thus causing him to fall to his ... ahem ... doom.

All in all it is a great film! Check it out and see just how much fun I had with this months roundtable. Our father who art named Corman, hallowed be thy films! heeheehee I wanna do another one! In fact, look for Corman's great "The Terror" coming soon to The Dungeon!