How can I begin to describe how tired I am of people bashing Stephen King? To reduce this author to a "few good novels" is a gross understatement. Stephen King is an author who is constantly putting himself out there; never leaving a story unturned, always exploring new ideas. How can you say that his few good novels were as Richard Bachman? "It" was a brilliant marriage of characters and an inspired story that truly frightened. "The Shining" still stands the test of time. "The Dead Zone" happens to be inspiring, scary, and thought provoking. Let me toss in "Christine" "Needful Things" and "The Stand". King also takes chances; "The Green Mile" was an awesome idea. Serializing the story was innovative, yet looked back to a time long gone. These are just the ones I like. The fact is not all of King's books are hits with me, but they are favorites of others, "The Tommyknockers" is a favorite of a friend of mine. So to read that some of the novels that I, and others, adore be referred to as "crap" kind "…pissed me off since I am one of the people who enjoyed this book and helped keep it on the best seller list." (Sounds familiar, Neo?)  To use any of his movies as an argument to defend your "I Hate King" defense is pointless. Blame the various producers, directors, and screenwriters who become fecal-tossing monkeys when attempting to adapt a King novel into a movie. Yet when King writes specifically for the screen, he has yet to go wrong. The 2 mini series, "The Storm of the Century" and "Rose Red" were classic King storytelling. 

I, for one, happen to enjoy his column in Entertainment Weekly. The fact is King was asked to do the column. Could it be that there are people out there who want to read this man ramble and talk about whatever he wants? So far it's been pretty entertaining (hence, Entertainment Weekly). King gets a forum to rant and rave about what he wants…..hmmm, does that ring any bells, Neo? If anyone deserves it, it's King, and this brings me to my most passionate point. King has been repeatedly ripped into, like an antelope by a pack of jackals, for over three decades!!! Critics continually bash him; his work has never been taken seriously. For all the fame and accolades that he's received, there has always been an equal amount of criticism and backlash to the fame. "Just don't rip on others for there likes and dislikes unless you are prepared to get the same in return." Wrote Neo. Well, King has been taking it for a very long time; no one should begrudge him his moment to vent. King is doing unto others, and teaching them that payback's a bitch. 

  *On a side note, he is on the money with Jewel, frankly anyone who makes a song mocking commercialism, and then selling that song to sell disposable razors should be drawn and quartered. Also I'm worried about you and your unhealthy obsession and desire for Celine Dion. "cute on some kind of odd level" I'm afraid for you. For God sake's, man, GET HELP NOW!!!