I am a new visitor to this website and have just finished reading the rant by Josh about Star Wars, and I have to say it left me feeling slightly grumpy.

What bothered me the most was not that he didn't care for the movies, it was the inane, sweeping generalizations of why Star Wars does not deserve the hype and prestige it still retains to this day.

First, the fact that he claims that Star Wars "ripped off" Arthurian Legends and gets away with it, while other movies are accused of plagiarism. Obviously he must be unaware that Lucas not only did this on purpose, but states that these movies are in homage to these ancient tales; he wanted a new way of telling, and honoring, old myths. Would you consider "The Magnificent Seven" a rip off? Though it was based on the movie "Seven Samuri", which in turn was based on asian legends? And the movies that were "black listed" as rip offs, were they also based on legends? Or were they trying to capitalize on Star Wars appeal? It would have helped if you would have named some movies, used some actual facts to back up your arguments.

Second was the statement of how most people don't realize that Lucas did not direct, nor write, Empire Strikes Back. What a ridicules generalization. We're talking about fans who know how many parsecs it took Han Solo to make the Kessel Run. Did you think the fact of who directed Empire would escape us? As if you were the first to pull open the curtain and show that there is no Oz.

I am a true, and avid fan of the original trilogy. That does not mean that I am not aware of the faults and weaknesses of George Lucas. I don't care for Episode 1 and 2. I also realize that the first 3 have there faults as well. Josh is not the first to point out the dialouge and acting. Which brings us to the core of his rant....Why? Why has it withstood the test of time? Why are people still such passionate fans?

The revolutionary special effects is only part of the answer. The fact that it's based on older legends gives it a solid foundation. Mix all of that with cheesy (but earnestly delivered) dialouge, the "adequate acting", and that unforgettable score. Now add a young girl sitting in a dark theater and experiencing all of it for the first time. Ask any fan and they will relate to you the first time they saw Star Wars. A good part of their love for these movies is how they felt as a child being swept to a galaxy far, far away.

So tell Josh to take his Ritalin and relax. It is not for him to understand. The time for understanding past him by long ago, and him the lesser for it. Star Wars is not to be examined by each of it's flawed pieces, but by the magic it gives when experienced as a whole.