Dr. Mordrid
© 1992Full Moon
Rated R72min

Dr. Anton Mordrid - Criminal psychologist by day and defender of Earth by night. One of the most powerful sorcerers trained in the way of Light.

Kabal - Evil sorcerer who wants to take over the world and defeat Mordrid. Trained with Mordrid but swayed by the powers of evil.

Samantha Hunt - Criminal & Cult consultant for the NYPD. Eventually falls for Mordrid and finds out his secret.

Detective Tony - For some reason he is gunning for Anton. I guess he hasn't had a bust in while because he is using some of the weakest evidence I have ever seen. Basically the Barney Fife of the NYPD.

Gunner - Guard to Mordrids interdimensional castle and protector of the seal that binds Kabal's evil army in Mordrid's prison. Had his eyes burned out by Kabal.

Adrian - Servent to Kabal. Has some mental issues he should look into and an unhealthy concept as to what honor is. Eventually betrayed by Kabal and arrested.

Irene - Servent to Kabal. Very proud of the fact she can draw good. Eventually has the life sucked out of her by Kabal during sex. hmmm. Isn't that usually the woman's job?

*You look good my friend.
My God I bet I do!

*It's a real honor babe. Like meeting Jagger backstage!

*What do you make of this?
It's a dead girl!

*Before this is over I will drink your blood and eat your flesh and it will be sweet!

What is this? Night of the living wack-o's?

6min: hmmm. Usually when I get fired, I don't take it this hard.
11min: A Brazialian news cast in English? I guess they don't want the locals to understand.
19min: I would hate to have his long distance bill.
28min: She wants badly to be a singer, but low-life thug was her destiny.
30min: Is that what is called "a sign"?
32min: Random Gratuitous Breast Shot
34min: It was a short destiny for poor Irene.
37min: He borrowed his dagger from Ewoks? Oh lord, Lucas is gonna sue somebody!
47min: This Mordrid guy is one hell of a shameless self promoter.
52min: Random act of violence against a cop car
57min: Hamster has just proven he knows NOTHING about sorcerers except the ones from D&D.
60min: Why do they keep the ancient magical artifacts with the dinosaurs?
63min: They know it wont work and yet, they still keep shooting.

I'm not pleased at all. This movie sucked. It was boring. It made me sleepy. This movie is Nyquil for the soul. Here's the weak plot. Two sorcerers become extremely powerful. One is 'good' and becomes protector of Earth. Neither is a good actor. The evil one escapes imprisonment and begins to steal the alchemical ingrediants that he needs to perform a spell that will unleash his minions on Earth.

As part of the magical ritual the evil sorcerer sacrifices his cute female minion. The cops find the corpse and an extremely incompetant investigater gets the case! Barney Fife syndrome once again rears it's ugly head.

A police consultant suggests to Detective Numb-skull that he enlist the aide of Dr. Anton Mordrid, who conviently turns out to be the good sorcerer. Detective Dumb-Ass arrests Mordrid on some pretty weak evidence. Mordrid happens to have a medallion that matches a symbol at the crime scene. Did he really think the D.A. would get a conviction based on that? The consultant helps Mordrid to escape and thus he defeats the evil sorcerer. The only quarterly cool scene in this film was when the sorcerers were using two prehstoric skeletons to battle each other. That's all there is to the film!

This flick was so boring that I tried desperately to find my Game Boy™ so I wouldn't have to watch. Unfortunatly Neo hid the damn thing in the one place I dare not tred. His collection of bowls filled with rotting Nachos (shudder). Watch this film if you have trouble sleeping.

This is perhaps one of my most favorite of all the Full Moon movies. Re-Animator's Jeffrey Combs stars in this film about a wizard sworn to protect Earth from the evils that threaten it, Namely Kabal. Kabal and Mordrid trained in the arts together as children nd both were extremely powerful, even at such a young age. Of course Kabal ends up being corrupted by the dark power and Mordrid being drafted by the light. Kabal ends up forming an army of demons, devils, and the undead and threatens Earth once again. Now Mordrid must once again step up to serve the light and stop his arch-rival. Only this time Kabal isa little more prepared.

This film had it all. Characters I cared about, good low budget special FX, actors I've heard of, and best of all, BOOBS, all wound together in a good manner. Of course this all just goes to prove that all the good Full Moon stuff was their earliest works.

O.K. Maybe I am being a bit too free with the praises. After all it did have one of the things I hate worst of all. Borderline Keystone Cops. Why do they always make the police seem to be the mentally handicaped with a badge? This film was no exception. Detective Tony was the poster boy for birth control, or at the very least, an example of why there should be stricter tests at the academy. He should have been a flashlight cop for Pinkerton rather than a gun carrying detective for the NYPD!

I highly recommend this film. If for nothing else than for the scene where Mordrid and Kabal are battling each other in a museum and end up animating skeletons of a T-Rex and a Mammoth! Great stop motion animation truely reminisant of Ray Harryhausen.