Demon Keeper
1993Cheryl Latimer
Rated R71min

Remy Grilland - This medium is the genius behind the summoning of Asmodius and the down-fall of everyone unfortunate enough to be in this film. Thankfully this fake medium is struck down by lightening but not before making us suffer through more than an hour of the worst film sequences I have seen since "Curse of the Screaming Dead" or "Night of Bloody Horror!"

Margo Evans - This poor fool is Remy's girlfriend. Personally I think it was just a front for a deeper secret Remy may have been hiding besides the fact that he's a charlatan. Either way, she was put out of her misery, and ours, by being slashed by Remy.

Chris Gregory - Insensitive husband and skeptic seem to run hand in hand in this guys mind field. Get this, he was put out of our misery but taking scissors to the shoulder and a sword through the chest. Ahhhh, the amazing dueling weapons of the middle ages.

Dia Gregory - Just basics on this wench. She's an alcoholic wife to Chris and she ends up being eaten. Just the facts ma'am.

Isobelle Elliot - This old coot is under the delusion that Remy is for real! Of course, as such, she is possessed and strikes out at Remy. I think she was just pretending. I mean come on, we all wanted to take a swing at Remy. This poor fool missed and tumbled over the balcony though.

Alexander Harris - At least that's what he goes by. We all know him as that guy from the A-Team, Dirk Benedict! This overly eccentric medium is the real deal. He even takes the demon into his own soul to bind him there and save humanity. Poor sap.

*Born of a man from the seed of an angel.

*He acted as if he was wabid!

*This is not exactly Dr. Frankenstein's house.

*He who holds the ring controls the destiny of the beast.

*Sweaty old men with tubs of lar hanging off of them.