Creatures From the Abyss
Piranha 4
Rated N/A??min

Massimiliano Cerchi

Richard Baumann

Michael Bon
Louren Depalm
Clay Rogers
Sharon Twomey
Ann Wolf

Five utterly brain-dead teenage kids go for a ride in a small row boat in the ocean for some reason unknown and unexplained. Their motor gives way and they are soon trapped in a storm. The group stumbles upon a large yacht and they soon discover a mysterious laboratory, which incases large piranhas behind glass and various other unknown species of fish. The strange thing is no crew are aboard. The boat is well abandoned... could it possibly be the flying plankton piranhas that can live on land that exterminated the crew? Yes!


Utterly brilliant! The kids are soon picked off in bizarre ways. They decide to eat fish at one point (that move when cooked) out of the fridge and soon one girl vomits these strange looking bug creatures (did I mention a talking piranha pops out of her head later in the movie and so do two giant claws?) I learned that piranhas make strange grunting noises and at times can even engage in conversation! So can showers and strange hallway outlets. What a futuristic boat! Scientists who obviously had a lot of spare time.... Another guy's head turns into a piranha as he is having sex. Later in the movie the girl has fish eggs. These deviate land piranhas are brilliant in spreading their evil spawn. There's even a giant evil piranha monster that appears via ultra well done clay animation. At the end before the boat explodes with a detonation timer a voice tells the remaining two people "get out theres no time for small talk," and "I think you know you're names, get out you bastards!" Man this boat is ingenious to be the all seeing eye. Too bad it wasn't too swift to see the piranhas take over. Very funny dubbing job with some of the most inane lines I've ever heard, I can't believe this movie really. Shriek Show released this on dvd which can possibly show their appreciation for this crap. An extra feature is a short interview with the director who seems to have the same intelligence level as his movie. I can't believe the guy would even want to show his face. Definitely one of the cheesiest Italian horror films I ever sat through. Too bad to believe but perhaps worth it if you want to laugh at this nonsense..

2 out of 5 (just for the unintentional humor (or was it?) alone.