Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
2003C-2 Pictures
Rated R109min

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As I sit before my 52" plamsa screen, I ponder the universal question what good movie do I want to see? Well today I gonna watch Terminator 3.....

2 hours later.... I should've watched terminator 2 it was hell of lot better. You see it is just a remake of 2 with a few twist that weren't very original but there are a few good points first off, they explain where Sarah Connors is and why they failed in T2 but you also get to see the villian of T3 nude ( oh joy) okay it's just her ass but whoa so nice. They explain the physiology of The terminator a little better,but that poses other problems in previous films. Stan Winston does the Terminator effects for the movie but the movie was entertaining by itself and the ending is unique to explain why John Connors is the leader of the rebellion. All in all I would rate T3 2 1/2 out 5 stars, it was entertaining but it needed a little retooling but the effects were fantastic...

ORVON the dark