Scream Blacula, Scream
Rated N/A91min
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William Marshall, Don Mitchell, Pam Grier, Michael Conrad, Richard Lawson, Janee Michelle, Barbara Rhodes, Bernie Hamilton.

The son of the leader of a voodoo church becomes enraged after she passes away and names another as her successor. The son turns to an old man for revenge and is given a bag containing a human skeleton which supposedly holds great power. He performs a voodoo ceremony with the bones only to discover they belong to Blacula who he has now revived. Again Blacula roams the night, but this time at an exhibit of African artwork, he meets the young woman who now heads the voodoo church and whose inborn voodoo powers may at last release Manuwalde from his vampire curse.

As sequels go this is alright, but like most it covers alot of the same ground in the original film. Marshall is again wonderful as Manuwalde / Blacula this time opposite Pam Grier as the young woman with the power to release him from his damnation. This is done like the original as a serious vampire film, although there are a few intentionally humorous scenes.

A good companion piece for Blacula and an adequate film on it's own.