2 Fast 2 Furious
2003Original Film
Rated PG-13107min

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potion reads " after adding dragonscale to mix set on burner for 2 and half hours " , that's done now what to do with the time left. I go watch a movie.... let's see what is there to watch.... 2 Fast 2 Furious , that'll do.

2 hours later.... it was better than the first one. first off there is a discernable villian ( Cole Hauser), the race scenes were better than the first one and there are more of them, Eva Mendez is in it, Cars are more personalized to the characters, but with the good points we come to the bad ones. Well to begin with Tyrese just plained sucked the enjoyment factor right out the plasma tv screen. His character was so annoying that I wished he'd died in the film in his intro during the demolition derby, but also the fact that the FBI agent in 1st movie was in it, and he had no prolems with Paul walker's character and the fact he betrayed their whole investigation only 6 months earlier... also how easily Paul's character can gain access to so much through his friends, but that's movie magic.

all in all i give it 3 out of 5

PS. Watch the DVD it has 20 minutes at the very beginning of the film that wasn't in the film , it explains what happen to him from the point of leaving LA to arriving in Miami it is worth the DVD for it plus the movie of course.

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