"Girl Power" by Chris  

Ok, you're watching Charlie's Angels.  Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lu, Drew Barrymore.. all fine as hell, even if 2/3 of them have very little talent.  You slide your arm around your girl (after all, why else would you sit and watch this crap unless your wife/girlfriend wanted to?) and all of a sudden, with her hands taped, Drew Barrymore beats the hell out of like 10 'thugs' all single-handedly.  Disreguarding the fact that the fight scene looked cheesy and the 'wire work' looked obvious, the end all-be all of Girl Power catch phrases was uttered as she grinned into the camera.  

"Now that's kickin' your ass!"  

I seriously wanted to vomit right in my own mouth.  I thought of gnawing my arm off at the shoulder and getting the hell out of the room, but then I run the risk of getting shot down for sex later that night.  

What could possibly bring me such nausea and place me in such a terrible situation?  It's the overwhelming "Girl Power" messages shot throughout TV and movies these days.  Charlie's Angels and Xena are but a few examples.  What's worse, in many of these movies or shows, the "Girl Power" tag lines are often followed by some good, old-fashioned male bashing.  

Does anyone else notice that nothing with a penis (even the GOD of War) can even really harm Xena?  Sure, the savage Amazon women they meet are a challenge for her, but if it has a third leg, it might as well be considered an extra.  

Now, I'm not saying women don't deserve to have empowerment.  I don't think they should end up house slaves, barefoot and pregnant, confined to the kitchen.  I believe in equal rights.  It doesn't bother me that my wife makes more money than I do (hell, that's more cheeseburgers for me haha).  What does bother me, is having to hear about it at every turn.  In every movie, in every tv show.

  Yes, ladies, we know you're modern and independant and smart and beautiful and blah blah blah.  Now that you got what you want, please stop shoving it in our faces!

  Oh, and can you make me a sandwich on your way back from the kitchen?  Thanks hun  :)