A Cinderella Story
Rated PG96min

Synopsis: Lame modern day Cinderella story that my daughter made me see  


Sam's father dies when she is young and she is left with her step-mother and twin step-sisters.  Her father didn't leave a will and everything he had went to her step-mother.  Her father's beloved restaurant is changed from ‘Hal's Diner' to ‘Fiona's' which is her step-mother's name.  Fiona makes Sam work there doing the mundane chores such as scrubbing the floor, etc.  Sam hopes to go to Princeton College to get away from her step-mother and has a crush on the school jock, Austin.  She meets a guy online who appears to be the guy of her dreams and they arrange to meet at the Halloween dance.  When they meet, she finds that her online guy is Austin but he doesn't know who she is.  She runs away from him at midnight and he tries to find out who she is.  My daughter was enchanted by Sam and Austin's romantic dance by candlelight under the outdoor gazebo.  This movie seemed like it was 30 minutes too long (even my daughter checked her watch several times).  The acting seemed wooden and the actors didn't quite commit to the roles.  The cast includes Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.  I give it 3 Jason heads.