The Third Society
Rated R83min

**There were only 3 character's to really care about!**

Jones -Jones is the major ass kicker of the film. She witnesses her mother's murder by the hands of an Asian drug lord named Dragon and has vowed revenge ever since. (or so it is implied)

Erica - Erica is the sexy and very HOTT sister to Jones. She has dealt with the whole murder, witness protection, sister revenge skit quite well in my opinion. She is a successful international banker who just happens to have access to federal accounts as well. See what you can achieve if only your parents were murdered and you were shipped off to some Asian country?

Dragon - *sigh* ... Do I really have to explain this guy? He really didn't look all that Asian on film. In fact, he looked a bit Cuban to me. Ok, Maybe Filipino buts as close to Asian as I would admit to. Anyway, he is the drug lord behind the murder of Jones and Erica's mother. Now he has found them and ... Oh hell with it, just on to the review!

*Now justice has a name ... and a .45!
*You are definitly not a morning person.
*What are you doin'? They're dead. sheesh
*I could probably take whitey.
*She speaks eight languages. Killya with her cooking.
*"Jonsey gonna kick some ass."

1min: I bet we'll see this murder scene about 5 more times throughout the movie.
15min: Stop the press, who's this hotty?
26min: Honda CBR. Hells yeah baby!
29min: Is this a chase scene or a P.Diddy video?
35min: Did she just dodge bullets?
36min: Mother's murder take 2.
39min: HAHAHA The bike is still there.
40min: Geez. Take 3 and within only 4 minutes of the last one.
42min: hehe nudity. ... Hey, when did she put on her panties?
49min: Alright, a strip club! Now we're talking. (long pause) But where are the "naked" dancers?
64min: I'm thinking about it.
71min: Gotta love slutty banker chicks!
72min: TAKE 4!
74min: Would that count as the 5th time? No matter, it's credits time!

I think I'll keep this one short and sweet. WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS, SOME KIND OF STUDENT PROJECT? I was sent this DVD by the production company, a pretty good one at that, but this film just blew. I mean the press kit was amazing. I got a wonderful personalized letter, the DVD and even a CD of the soundtrack. By the best presented kit I evr received. I guess they had to do all they could to hook you before the film!

First of all this film was all over the place! It had a pretty good plot but no filler. You could bang this plot out in a one hour TV show. As a feature film it came up quite short. All the extra scenes were padded with long drawn out bike chase scenes, and even a few shots of lead actress J.A. Steel naked and showering. It even had the extremely cliché reshowing of the murdered mother numerous times. Just to remind us why the revenge spree and boiling "hatred?" It had so many Motorcycle wheelies, private jet scenes, and porche escorts that I thought I was watching a P.Diddy video. Now I really believe this J.A.Steel could make a killing directing hip hop videos.

Speaking of J.A.Steel, when I watch my martial arts movies where the lead is a female, I like my actresses to be soft and innocent looking, then bust out with the whole "whoop your ass like you were sleeping" routine. Cynthia Rothrock, Ziyi Zhang, Michelle Yeoh, and Sarah Michelle just to name a few. Granted the last doesn't seem to have too much fighting skill compared to others. Anyway, Steel just seemed a bit too rough and tumble for my tastes. When the lead is a woman and she surprises you with her ability to kick ass because she looks like a kitten, it seems to pack more of a punch. No pun intended. When she looks, acts, and talks like one of the guys, it's just kind of expected. Now if supporting actress Shannon Clay was the ass kicker, that would have sexy and cool! (insert schoolgirl giggle)

Besides its downfalls, like unsteady cameras and incessant showings of the mother's murder, this film had some good qualities. The scenery was just gorgeous. The camera quality was great and every color just seemed to jump out at you. It was a very clean and crisp presentation. Hell, when this film started I was wowed by the colors and locations! But despite all this, it still didn't have the plot, acting, or even production in whole that could have made this a good film. It has opened my eyes to the likes of Shannon Clay, Satoshi Nakagawa, Makai Hyun, and J.A.Steel though. I think with the right script, and maybe some acting lessons so she wouldn't seem so stiff and the lines so forced, J.A. could really do something.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Probably not. Will I watch it again? When I make my film I am sure I will reference this to make sure it isn't as bad. Was it as painful as CURSE OF THE SCREAMING DEAD? Oh lord, nothing is that bad! I would most likely say check it out for yourself. People tend to have differing views than reviewers and I am sure a few people out there will enjoy this film. If nothing else the DVD and soundtrack are great. Hell, even the lead singer to the band shown in the music videos was cute!