Richard "DJ" Perry

1 - Well, first and foremost, I have to ask you how you happened across my site [The Dungeon] and what you like best about it? 2 - Now that I got my shameless self promotion out of the way, let's get on to you. Tell us a bit about the inner workings of DJ Perry. For example, How did you get into making films? 3 - What films inspired you and helped you decide that this is what you wanted to do with your life? 4 - You seem to have the market cornered on taking up tasks in your films. KNIGHT CHILLS itself you co-wrote, produced and starred in, yet I didn't see anything in the credits as far as directing. Ever thought about doing a little? If not, than who would be the dream director for you to work with? 5 - What about actors? Who would be your dream team of casts in a film you had complete control over? 6 - For you, what was the best thing to come out of making films? I mean besides getting to be interviewed by Neo of "The Dungeon!" :-) 7 - In the "Behind the scenes" segment of the DVD, your co-writer of KNIGHT CHILLS, Jeff Kennedy, mentioned how everyone used to play D&D. Does anyone still play and if so, what version? Care to share any memorable stories of past games? 8 - Enough of the good stuff, what about bad? Did you face any hardships in your personal life from making films? What kind of toll has this sort of business taken on you and how does it affect your film making? 9 - Let's get to the point here, KNIGHT CHILLS. First off, I have to say that Doc was a big frickin' horse. How did he die? On a side note, I thought it was nice of y'all to dedicate the film to his memory too! 10 - How did this film come together? On the DVD Jeff mentions it sort of stems from his own past experiences. Care to expand on that? 11 - How much of the KNIGHT CHILLS family knew each other prior to filming, how is that relationship today, and was it strained at all during filming? 12 - I know this is probably starting to get a bit morbid but what forms of production difficulties did you have to face while making this film? Reason being, we always hear of how much fun it was and how everything just came together, but there is always trouble, and artistic differences. The real story is what makes it interesting. Especially if through it all, you all remained the best of friends. 13 - It is obvious that there wasn't much of a budget at your disposal through the production of this film, yet you managed to make the story just right to detract from that. How much did you have to work with here? 14 - If you could remake KNIGHT CHILLS with a much larger budget, what would you do different? Who would be replaced? 15 - What other companies did you approach for release of KNIGHT CHILLS and what was the usual "send off?" I mean I saw another film released by Vision Factory, THE EMBALMER, and that almost made me skip over this gem of yours. 16 - Now don't get me wrong, this film wasn't with out it's problems. Like I loved how I was made to feel for Jack and his slow decent into personal disaster. Some of the other characters though, mostly John, was he supposed to be so damn annoying or were we supposed to feel for him? For the record, I hated the character with a passion!! 17 - Speaking of problems, I need to know. How did your character, Zac, deduce that John [Kallio] wanted Jackson when all signs pointed to revenge and his love for Brooke? I saw nothing, clue wise, that would tip Zac off to that. We the viewer got to see it with the character interaction between Jackson and something else. 18 - Over all though, a great story and a lot of promise behind this film and it's creators!! Congrats! Now what can we expect to see from you in the future? For example, we saw the prop sign for New Mahkra from the up coming project FROM VENUS. What's it about? DETAILS MAN, DETAILS!!! How about a KNIGHT CHILLS 2 with a guest spot by yours truly? 19 - Oh, one other thing. The story boards were great! Who did them and has the group ever thought of perhaps releasing a comic? Lord knows I would buy it! 20 - And finally, last but certainly not least, Are there any openings for me in production, writing, or directing? Perhaps something where I wouldn't have to leave nice cozy Florida and go to freezing cold Michigan? :-) Thanks again for allowing me to support a promotion of yours and I look forward to many more times like these. It certainly has been a pleasure! Now will I get any sort of billing or promotion on any of the upcoming projects from you? My friends would never believe I got to interview you anyway. Perhaps a "Special Thanks" or something? Please? What if I beg? Ok, ok. I'll let you go ... for now!! [laughs] Thanks again Mr. Perry. It certainly was an honor!