Richard Lee Byers

1. First of all, perhaps the most asked question of writers, where do you get your ideas? Are they characters/campaigns from your own personal games or influenced by some of your players?

2. You mentioned in the back of "THE RAGE" that you are a gamer. How long have you been playing and what other games do you dabble in?

3. Now you have written book 1 for "R.A. Salvatore's The War of the Spider Queen: DISSOLUTION" as well as a short story based on Monte Cook's work. Are you chosen to do this ahead of time or do you have to submit works and hope to be picked?

4. I have heard a rumor, again I must emphasize the fact to our readers that it is only a rumor, but supposedly Ed Greenwood has final say over anything that may reconstruct or otherwise have some sort of lasting effect on Forgoten Realms. Is this true and what kind of damage will Year of the Rogue Dragons ultimately yield to Faerun?

5. Do you get very many fans writting you? What seems to be the most common email you get?

6. Do you have any plans to turn any of your stories into campaigns? I had mentioned before that I am working on converting "THE RAGE" into a playable story, but I run into some blocks due to my not wanting to copy, and I don't want my players to all be Dorn[s] or Teagan[s].

7. Speaking of "THE RAGE," I loved your writting style. I loved how you introduced a group, got us hooked, left us at a cliff hanger and redid it again with another group. By the end all the groups have been woven together and you have several favorite characters. How did you discover this style and why do you think other authors don't use this?

8. What are some of you favorite novels out there right now, fantasy or otherwise? Have you fallen into the hype of "The Da Vinci Code" or been swept into the whole political aspect with "Unfit for Command?"

9. Salvatore, although great with the early Realms books, seems to have slipped a bit and Greenwood seems a bit winded for my tastes. Who are your favorite authors right now and who would you most like to work with?

10. Are there any works out there by you that aren't in the mainstream? What I mean is I have read "Black Boquet," "The Rage," "Dissolution," the works in Dragon Magazine, and the short story in "Children of the Rune." What else should I look for fantasy based?

11. Do you have a personal favorite amongst your works? Which one of your books/stories do you look at and just grin knowing that it is pure perfection?

12. Care to let us in on some dirt in the business? You know, like is T.H. Lain a pseudoname? Is Wizards a bunch of money grubbing game whores? Where's all the dirt?

13. When you got into this sort of business, did you ever think you would blow up as much as you have?

14. Let's go ahead and steer this a bit towards film. What are your thoughts on the D&D film (Oh how I hate you Wayans!) that's out there now and the rumor of a sequel with Salvatore as advisor? (On a side note to our readers, please again note the word "rumor." This means there is no data to support the FACT and thus should be advertised as such!)

15. Do you know what ever happened to the Forgotten Realms T.V. series that was supposed to come out?

16. Were you ever contacted to write for anything like that or any other Movie/T.V. Show? Is this something that would interest you and where could a producer or director get a hold of you if you are?

17. With only a couple of questions left, let's bring this back to Mr. Byers. What's your life like? Meaning what do you do besides write? Does your spouse get into the whole D&D or FR world with you?

18. Hurricane Charley came dangerously close to nailing your part of our fine state, instead it wipped around and spanked me silly without even buying me dinner first. How did you deal with that threat? Are you from Florida originally?

19. Trekker or Star Wars geek. Which are you and why? (catches Mr. Byers with a surprise Sci-Fi question from nowhere. Muahahahaha)

20. Well Mr. Byers, I am sure I have a hundred more questions I would love to ask, and I am positive I will get hundreds of emails telling what other questions I SHOULD have asked, but they will have to wait until part two, that is if you are willing to do such. My final parting question will be one that plagued us for eons. One that your answer may very well shape the world around us. One so pivotal that it may ... Oh the hell with it. If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you be? Just kidding. What can we expect to see from you in the future? I know you wont give previews but what about hints? Something that wont give away too much.

Thanks again Mr. Byers and I look forward to seeing you at the book signing soon. Oh, and don't forget, you owe me one D&D game! (smiles)